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Bring your machine in for Cleaning,
 Oiling and Repairs today!

Call us at 757-596-7397 or email
for more info!

Is your sewing machine broken, not performing well

or just in need of some TLC?


We service all makes and models of sewing machines. Sewing Machines, Sergers, Embroidery Machines or Quilting Machines.  Bring your machine to us so we can help you fix:


  •  Needle Issues
  •  Bobbin Problems
  •  Machine Not Running (won’t sew or start)
  •  Fabric Not Feeding Properly
  •  Thread Breaking, Bunching or Bird-Nesting
  •  Machine Making Odd Noises
  •  ANY problems that make your machine not function correctly


Our Technicians can give your machine the attention that it needs and get you back sewing as quickly as possible.  Whether a mechanical repair or a simple Clean, Oil and Adjust, Sunshine Quilt Corner can help make your machine run like new.


Call, Email or visit us ONLINE for more information on our services!

If you have embroidery software/patterns on a CD or DVD but need it on a USB to transfer to your sewing machine, stop by your Sunshine Quilt Corner service department and we will gladly transfer it for you!  We carry various sized USB Drives in case you forgot to bring one!