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Welcome to our Sunshine Charmed Program!

Here's how it works: 
  • 1. When you spend a minimum of $50 with us (either in the shop or online) in one transaction, we will give you the charm for that month (only one per customer please!). ** Class purchases are not included in the Charmed program.
  • 2. You can NOT earn or receive future charms, or trade in multiple charms one month for a charm you did not earn in a future month. The idea is that you spend at least $50 (in one transaction) with us EVERY month.
  • 3. However, if you spend an additional $50 and already have that month's charm you may receive a charm for a PREVIOUS month that you don't already have. So you can always catch up on a month you may have missed!
  • 4. Earn all 12 monthly charms from June through May, and you will be invited to our annual Charming Customer Party.
  • 5. Make sure that we have up to date contact information for you, as we will be sending out invitations to the party via email.
Annual Charming Customer Party
Sunday, August 4th
You don't want to miss the Special Sales and Great Giveaways!
The annual party will be held on the 1st Sunday in August, and the shop will be only open to our Charming customers.
So don't miss out! Start collecting your charms today!!!